Cash Draw

Imagine winning one of our €17,000 cash prizes every month.

Now you have a chance to do just that!

We give away eight cash prizes every month.

Entry costs just €4.33 per month (€52 per year)

Our monthly draw is prerecorded every month to allow an independent person to check the results of the draw before the winners are contacted and posted on social media.

Join by asking any of our staff or by filling in the form below and sending it in to us.

  • 1st prize: €10,000
  • 2nd prize: €1,000
  • 3rd prize: €1,000
  • 4th prize: €1,000
  • 5th prize: €1,000
  • 6th prize: €1,000
  • 7th prize: €1,000
  • 8th prize: €1,000

Previous Cash Draws

August 2023

€10,000: Marcella Lynch, Roscommon

€1,000: Adrian Greene, Ballyfin

€1,000: Elizabeth Conroy, Portlaoise

€1,000: John Tynan, Portlaoise

€1,000: Elizabeth Quinlan, Ballyroan

€1,000: Fionnuala Nolan, Athy

€1,000: Ita Hennessy, Portlaoise

€1,000: Iona Van Wyk, Athy

Draw held on 22/08/2023 in Polly's Abbeyleix.

July 2023

€10,000: Rebecca Bowell, Abbeyleix

€1,000: Martin Mackey, Athy

€1,000: Seamus Foy, Portlaoise

€1,000: John Dunne, Ballinakill

€1,000: James Langton, Ballybrittas

€1,000: Elizabeth McCavana, Athy

€1,000: John Paul Scully, Portlaoise

€1,000: Orla Davis, Ballylinan

June 2023

€10,000: Susan Dunne, Vicarstown

€1,000: Lauretta Skelly, Portlaoise

€1,000: Elizabeth Lynch, Portlaoise

€1,000: Bernadette Hartford, Portlaoise

€1,000: Lionel Gyves, Portlaoise

€1,000: Mary Brain, Abbeyleix

€1,000: Thomas Lawless, Portlaoise

€1,000: Mary Mulhall, Athy

Draw held on 27/06/2023 at Shaws Electrical, Athy.

May 2023

€10,000: Kathleen Callaghan, Portlaoise

€1,000: Jackie O' Neill, Portlaoise

€1,000: Patrick Costigan, Portlaoise

€1,000: John Paul Kennedy, Abbeyleix

€1,000: Margaret O' Donoghue, Stradbally

€1,000: Thomas Kelly, Athy

€1,000: Michelle Conlan, Stradbally

€1,000: Louise Fennelly, Wicklow

April 2023

€10,000: Louis Byrne, Portlaoise

€1,000: Fiona Griffiths, Athy

€1,000: Alanna Farrelly, Portlaoise

€1,000: Denise Murray, Ballyroan

€1,000: Alice Laffan, Stradbally

€1,000: Rebecca Maher, Portlaoise

€1,000: Marie Langton, Emo

€1,000: Evita Kinsella, Portlaoise

Draw held on 26/04/2023.

March 2023

€10,000: Pat O' Brien, The Heath

€1,000: Vincent Roche, Athy

€1,000: Martin Langton, Stradbally

€1,000: Anne Kelly, Stradbally

€1,000: Baiba Kvitka, Portlaoise

€1,000: Elizabeth Leahy, Portlaoise

€1,000: Aileen Ryan, Portlaoise

€1,000: David Kenny, Athy

Draw held on 31/02/2023 in Laois Shopping Centre, Portlaoise.

February 2023

€10,000: Elizabeth Deegan, Portlaoise

€1,000: Margaret Mangan, Timahoe

€1,000: Paula Keegan, Portlaoise

€1,000: William Hyland, Athy

€1,000: Laura Whelan, Abbeyleix

€1,000: Zela O' Kelly, Portlaoise

€1,000: Noeleen Sinnott, Portlaoise

€1,000: Eamonn Conlan, Stradbally

Draw held on 27/02/2023.

January 2023

This draw was our annual bumper draw. 

Any surplus funds left in our prize fund at the end of the year is given out at a bumper draw at our AGM. At our AGM in January 2023, the cash draw was for a total of €37,900 [€17,000 Jan cash draw + €20,900 2022 surplus]

€10,000: Dawn Scully, Portlaoise

€10,000: Samantha Maloney, Portlaoise

€1,000: Roisín Baldwin, Portlaoise

€1,000: Sharon Green, Portlaoise

€1,000: Wayne Darby, Portlaoise

€1,000: Orla O' Toole, Portlaoise

€1,000: Bernadette Thorne, Athy

€1,000: Janette Kelly, Athy

€1,000: Colette Hogan, Portlaoise

€1,000: Anthony Bracken, Athy

€1,000: Eileen Mary Kirwan, Mountmellick

€1,000: Goran Rakanovic, Portlaoise

€1,000: Patrick Dooley, Stradbally

€1,000: Laura Furlong, Stradbally

€1,000: Joseph Doyle, Portlaoise

€1,000: Elizabeth Rafter, Portlaoise

€1,000: Anthony Hanlon, Athy

€1,000: Edward Tynan, Portlaoise

€1,000: Jennifer O' Reilly, Portlaoise

€500: Mary Moran, Kildare

€200: John Gallagher, Athy

€200: Philip Coonan, Stradbally

December 2022

€10,000: Maeve Lenihan, Portlaoise

€1,000: Patrick Hyland, Athy

€1,000: Fiona Craughwell, Athy

€1,000: Ellen Bell, Abbeyleix

€1,000: Keelin O' Reilly, Portlaoise

€1,000: Damien Rooney, Portlaoise

€1,000: Lorraine Kelly, Portlaoise

€1,000: Elizabeth Sullivan, Athy

November 2022

€10,000: Karen Brereton, Abbeyleix

€1,000: Catriona Larkin, Ballacolla

€1,000: Ann Brennan, Portlaoise

€1,000: Gerard Ryan, Portlaoise

€1,000: Stanley Adair, Portlaoise

€1,000: Paul Moore, Athy

€1,000: Olusola Thompson, Portlaoise

€1,000: Kathleen Sheridan, Stradbally

Watch the draw here.

October 2022

€10,000: Nora Cassidy, Carlow

€1,000: John Davidson, Abbeyleix

€1,000: Linda Phelan, Rathdowney

€1,000: Colin Hayes, Portlaoise

€1,000: James Heffernan, Ballyfin

€1,000: Philomena Delahunt, Ballyadams

€1,000: Michael Kelly Jnr, Athy

€1,000: Martina Buggie, Stradbally

Watch the draw here.

September 2022

€10,000: Agnieszka Binkowska, Portlaoise

€1,000: John Walsh, Athy

€1,000: Pauline Doyle, Athy

€1,000: Yvonne Garrett, Pike of Rushall

€1,000: Michael Cahill, Portlaoise

€1,000: Vincent O' Brien, Portlaoise

€1,000: Gerard Brady, Portlaoise

€1,000: John Walsh, Portlaoise

€1,000: Kathleen Condon, Stradbally

Watch the draw here.

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